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tv   Ryan Mc Crimmon Previews Congressional Talks on Government Funding  CSPAN  April 23, 2017 10:53pm-11:01pm EDT

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should be asking is not whether we help refugees, but how can we help them. we should make history, not repeat it. ♪ >> to watch all the prize-winning documentaries, visit >> congress returns this week for a looming deadline with funding the federal government. members have until friday to pass a temporary spending bill to prevent a potential government shutdown. we got more details from a capitol hill reporter. brian is a reporter for ro khanna. what is the status between the talks of the white house and congressional republicans and
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democrats, with that friday deadline question mark >> they have been working hard throughout the race is trying to get an agreement to fund the government beyond friday. are still significant problems, talks of funding for president donald trump's proposed order while it's certainly an issue, as are some payments related to the 2010 health care law. there are still issues to work through. there's very little time to complete them. >> you are writing about mick mulvaney, in the headlines your piece is that mulvaney sharpens white house demand for border wall funding. what do they want out of it? >> they want roughly a billion dollars for the construction of the border wall. it is unclear if they will get any funding, because democrats have been clear for weeks that it is a nonstarter. they see it as an inefficient way to secure the border, and they are unlikely to support a bill with that funding in it.
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however, the white house has been pushing hard in the past few days, making noise insisting on that funding in that spending package. >> what do democrats want out of this spending package? >> the main thing they seem to not want is the border wall funding, but one thing they are pushing for is inclusion of subsidies under the 2010 health care law that help low income americans say for some out-of-pocket medical expenses. that seems to be their main ask at this point in the process. >> who are some key republicans and democrats negotiating on this? >> the chair members of both ranking committees, as well as the party leaders, and obviously the white house, because the president has to sign off on this bill at the end.
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as you mentioned, mick mulvaney is sort of the point man from the white house perspective. >> the deadline on that short-term measure is friday at midnight. you write in your article that the 29th is the 100th day of the trump administration with the president saying this week that no one wants to see a government shutdown. how likely is it? >> i think it is unlikely at this point. the worst-case is that congress could pass another short-term continuing resolution, a stopgap to buy themselves another week or so to finish a final deal for the rest of the fiscal year. i think all sides want to avoid a shutdown if at all possible. it is possible if either side is willing to give up on some of their demands, but that is typically unlikely. it is the first major spending battle for the president, so it is hard to call. >> you can follow his reporting on twitter.
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thank you for the update. >> the house is back on tuesday at noon eastern. also pending raising the debt ceiling. the senate gavels and tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. they will consider the nomination for agricultural secretary. they will also vote to advance the nomination for the deputy attorney general. as always, you can watch the house live on c-span and the senate live on c-span two. >> in case you missed it on c-span, karen harper royal at georgetown university's slave sale dedication. >> naming these buildings for isaac harkins and amory b craft is the beginning of our journey together towards the ceiling
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towards the jesuits of georgetown but you see of slavery. >> pennsylvania, -- congressman holding a townhall meeting. >> we have moved the needle on this discussion. it used to be, no way no how on anything like the aca. but now it's, let's make it work. >> the competitive enterprise mar-a-lago -- marlo lewis. >> to the extent that it is possible, scientific research should similarly be separated from government. then you would not find climate scientists particular being a faction ridden orthodoxy and political movement. but rather, the quest for knowledge. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> the objectives are simplified personal taxes, create middle income tax cuts for the economy, and make our business taxes competitive.
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quick former ambassador to afghanistan judge brian crawford. >> with to work with the afghans. situationabilize the against an onslaught from the taliban. then move ahead with the political process which will have to -- >> jeff sessions, attorney general, on trans-national crime organizations. >> if you are a getting member we will find you. we will devastate your networks, we will starve your revenue sources, depletes your pranks, e youres your -- siez properties. we will not concede a block or street corner. >> c-span programs are available at the standoff, on our homepage, and by searching the video library. >> tonight on c-span, "q&a" with historian david mccullough, followed by prime minister theresa may taking questions from the british house of commons.
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they will debate in motion that would allow a snap election to take place in the u.k. summer. later a look at the results of the first round of voting in the french presidential election. ♪ announcer: this week on "q and a," historian david mccullough discusses his book "the american spirit, who we are and what we stand for." brian: david mccullough, your new book "the american spirit, 15 speeches since 1989 through 2016," when did you get the idea to do this? david: summer of 2016. i was not discouraged, but distressed by the tone of the political campaign and the animosity and nastiness of some of it.


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